CIA Exam Registration

To participate in the Shinsa (Dan Testing) you must attend at least 2 sessions of the seminar, or you will not be allowed to test. In rare cases, there may be allowances made, please contact CIA officials.

Deadlines & Information

  1. The Canadian Iaido Association (CIA) is an official branch of All Japan Iaido Federation (ZNIR). All rules are the results of consulting with ZNIR officials. All rules must be followed.
  2. Dan registration applications should be in by May 13, 2019. If you wish to apply later than this please contact the CIA president Denton Hewgill Sensei.
  3. IMPORTANT: Please give your cheque or money order (made out to "Canadian Iaido Association") to your attending Sensei before the seminar, or have it ready to pay at the seminar.
  4. You will NOT be allowed to register at the door. Talk to your Sensei if this is an issue or contact the CIA president Denton Hewgill Sensei.
  5. This is the Dan Examination sign up sheet. If you wish to only register for the seminar, please use the appropriate form.
  6. Please make sure you study and understand the Dan Examination Rules and read the ZNIR Regulations and Requirements and ZNIR and CIA Fees.
  7. Please also make sure you read and understand the Appropriate Seminar Rules & Etiquette and Association Regulations. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.
  8. The ZNIR examination committee officials sent from Japan this year will be: Kato Haruo Sensei, Tanida Hiroshi Sensei, and Itoh Takeji Sensei.

If you re-submit your application because of a change, make sure that all your information is put into your new application as it will replace the old application.

When you submit your application an itemized email will be sent to the email address in your application.

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ZNIR/CIA certificates only. If you belong to a different organization, there may be allowances to test, but you need to contact CIA officials.
Current Occupation

If "Other", please specify:
Your information will be kept confidential and used only for Canadian Iaido Association purposes.
Please note that each person is responsible for his or her own safety at the seminar.